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Store bought mums got nothing on these rare & unique heirloom chrysanthemums.

The mum garden box is ready for local delivery 6-8 weeks after your initial order date. We will notify you by email when your garden box is ready and will arrange a date and time for delivery.

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The mums selected are acclimated to our San Diego weather for dependable blooms. We grow these mums in easily potted up plants to give your growing season a head start. You will have blooms from August to November.

Each kit includes:

  • A "gift for you" card to recipient
  • 12 (twelve) different labeled and potted mums (2.5" pots or larger)
  • A Seven Stars Flowers & Farm planting guide
  • A curated collection of the most popular mums that may include Alexis, Annie Girl, Apricot Courtier, Coral Charm, Golden Rain, Honeyglow, Judith Baker, Kokka Bunmi, Lynn Johnson, Mocha, Moira, Natalini, Norton Vic, Pat Lawson, Pink Fleece, Primrose Tennis, River City, Savanna Charlton, Seaton's Galaxy, Seaton's J'Adore, Seaton's Ruby, Shirley Primrose, Symphony, or Whiteout (see Chrysanthemums Gallery)

Planting Instructions: Mums should be planted in a well-draining sunny or part shade location with at least 6 hours of sun daily. Mums bloom due to their photoperiodic nature. When the plant senses a change in the length of darkness in late summer, it begins to set buds. Planting near artificial lights, such as security lights or porch lights, can alter the bloom time of your mums.

Mums should be pinched throughout the growing season. This helps the plant branch out, becoming fuller and offering more blooms. When your plant reaches 6 inches tall in the summer, simply pinch off 1 inch of each shoot. Repeat this every 2 to 3 weeks until mid summer (before July 4th). A total of 3-4 pinches per plant is recommended. Deadhead spent blooms throughout the fall for an extended bloom time. Once the plant has died in the winter, resist cutting it back. Research shows that allowing it to die back naturally over the winter produces a stronger plant. Simply clean up the dead stems and foliage in the spring.

If your soil is clay-based, add amendments such as steer or chicken manure and compost to help with drainage and add fertility. Growing chrysanthemums are heavy feeders. Consistent applications of quality fertilizers will help your mums grow larger and produce more blooms. Choose a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer for monthly application from early spring through July. If you plant fall mums, wait to begin their fertilization until the spring. Fall fertilization can actually reduce the hardiness of chrysanthemums to survive cold winters.

Plants should be spaced 1.5-3' apart. Staking, netting, or corralling is highly recommended to keep mums straight and to prevent stems from breaking.

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