Weddings, Proms, & Special Events

Make your occasion memorable.

We love helping San Diegans celebrate life’s biggest moments with gorgeous flowers! We know you want your engagement, elopement, wedding, or celebratory events to be special and custom tailored to you. We provide buckets of flowers and À La Carte items for these special affairs.


For the DIY bride, our farm will bring the garden to you - make your own table arrangements and bouquets for your wedding day. Flower bars are popular options at wedding or events as guest gifts - providing an unforgettable experience. 

We sell seasonal and sustainably grown flowers and botanicals in two gallon buckets. Each bucket contains a mix of flowers, foliage and textural accents that should give you everything you need to make beautiful arrangements. We don't count the stems but we fill the buckets as much as we can without damaging them. There should be enough plant material to make 5-8 small bunches (10 stems per bunch) or for a fuller effect 3-5 large bunches (20-30 stems per bunch) that can fill wide mouth quart mason jar arrangements depending on your style.

For DIY bouquet or flower bars, count on 5-8 small bunches (10 stems per bunch) per bucket for each of your guests to take home. If you want a larger quantity of any particular flower, they are available at an average per stem cost of around $2-$3/stem. The price per stem may vary a little either way depending on the variety and availability (see Add-on Ingredients).


Farmer’s Choice Bucket: $130
We will fill your bucket with the best of what is blooming that week. If you want flowers but don’t need an exact color, then this choice is perfect for you! We allow for one color exclusion, so let us know what you just don’t like. Includes flowers, fillers, and greenery for a complete arrangement.

Mixed Bucket with specific color palette: $155
We tailor make a bucket to your color palette and style. If you have a specific or need a limited color palette, then this choice is for you! Specific varieties depend on the season and Mother Nature. Includes flowers, fillers, and greenery for a complete arrangement.

Custom Bucket: price varies based on type and count of premium flower stems
If you have particular flowers in mind that you must have, then this bucket is for you! You can choose premium flowers such as dahlias and lisianthus, depends upon your requests and seasonality. We recommend you look through the Dahlia Gallery, Chrysanthemum Gallery, Flower Gallery, and Filler/Foliage Gallery to get an idea of what you may like and the projected seasonal availability. Includes flowers only.

If you order the Custom Bucket which contains only flowers, we recommend adding a bucket of greens and fillers ($100) for every two buckets of flowers.

Greens & Fillers Bucket: $100
Greenery and fillers that will complement your Farmer’s Choice, Mixed, and Custom Buckets. Stem count varies depending on size and variety of foliage but can be trimmed into about 60-80 stems.

Bouquet & Flower Bar Expert: $125/hr

Our farmer-florist will guide your guests in putting together bouquets at your social gathering, event, or wedding. Contact us for details about your ideas and availability.*

*Costs for DIY buckets, tools, equipment, floral wrap, and other supplies as well as rate to drive to location are separate.

Custom Buckets


Please contact us for a price list and to find out what is available seasonally.

Standard Flower Stems: $1 - $3 per stem
Examples are ranunculus, anemone, zinnias, sunflowers, tulips, daffodils, gladiolus, etc. 

Premium Flower Stems: $3 - $6 per stem
Examples are dahlias, lisianthus, peonies, roses, hydrangea, etc.

Dahlia Gallery - Chrysanthemum Gallery - Flower Gallery - Filler/Foliage Gallery

Bridal Bouquets


General pricing for special event (i.e. prom) and wedding items that we create. This pricing is subject to change with customization. Pricing includes the ribbon wrap, cuff, and/or pins.

Arrangements: starting at $50 (mason jar size)

Boutonnières: $20 and up

Hair Pieces: $25 and up

Wristlets/Cuffs/Corsages: $30 and up

Bridesmaid Bouquets: $65 and up

Bridal Bouquets: $145 and up




The best way to contact us about your event is by first filling out this form so that we may know the date and details of your event. Once we have received your request, we will check our calendar and determine if we are available. After there has been an exchange of information, a custom invoice will be sent. A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required for all orders over $300 to reserve your event on our calendar. Or if less than $300 then full payment is required. The remaining amount is due on delivery. We begin booking wedding reservations a year in advance. We can accommodate last minute reservations depending on flower availability. Please give us 24-48 hours to respond to your request. Sometimes your email gets lost and you may need to email us again or give us a call.

Dates book up quickly for wedding events, so we recommend ordering at least 3-4 months in advance of your event (or sooner if you have custom requests).

For all other events, you can reserve for an event a few days to a few weeks in advance. Please contact us and we will be in touch about next steps.


We do not guarantee specific flower or greenery varieties in our buckets. We accept requests for specific types of flowers but we cannot guarantee that they will be available due to variations in the weather. We do our best to accommodate specific color themes and favorite flower requests but sometimes substitutions may be necessary. We work hard to accommodate color or design requests but we rely on harvesting the freshest and most beautiful blooms from our fields at the time of your event - you will receive the cream of the crop of what nature has to offer! We almost always use only what we grow but sometimes, will use other local growers if we need specific items for your design vision.

For larger quantities of one type of flower, email us at with your request for an estimate. Note this requires at least 6 months time notice.


We recommend the book Fresh from the Field Wedding Flowers by Lynn Byczynski and Erin Benzakein for all your DIY Bride needs. While the printed version is no longer published, there's a great e-book available at $10 cost. (We don’t receive anything from the authors or publisher; we just love this book)


Delivery service (for a fee) within the San Diego County area. Delivery is charged per zip code:

Zone 1: $11
92127, 92128

Zone 2: $22
92014, 92064, 92067, 92126, 92129

Zone 3: $33
92025, 92026, 92029, 92069, 92075, 92078, 92091, 92111, 92121, 92122, 92123, 92124, 92130, 92131, 92145

Zone 4: $44
Outside of Zones 1-3, but still within San Diego County

If you are not sure about your delivery zone, please call us to get a quote at: (858) 412-0955


While you don't have to keep your flowers in the fridge, we suggest transporting them in an air conditioned vehicle, never in the back of a pickup truck, storing them in a cool basement or air conditioned room, out of direct sunlight and away from food/fruits/vegetables.

Can I do DIY buckets of flowers and have you handle the bouquets/boutannieres?
Absolutely! We offer À La Carte services so you can easily pick and choose how you want to pull off your event.
Can I order only À La Carte boutonnières and wristlets/cuffs/corsages for my prom or special event?
How many flowers do I need?
If we know the size and number of your containers and arrangements we can help you calculate the number of stems needed. You can experiment with similar size containers that you plan to use for the event. Then you can count the number of focal flowers, the secondary flowers and the amount of greenery and textural items that you used. Quart jars need about 20 to 30 stems to look full and smaller jars need about 10 or 12 stems. Larger vases need more. For DIY bouquet bars at a wedding, guests typically want about 10 stems for a nice posy bunch that they can wrap up and take home. Most bridal bouquets use 40 to 50 stems (most of a bucket), boutonnieres and corsages use 3 to 5 stems and sometimes more. Often suggested as a general rule is to order 20 percent extra than the amount you think you need. That way if things get damaged in transit or during arranging, you have enough to work with. Always better to have a little more than not enough.
Is DIY right for me?
Use this checklist to make sure you have everything you need for a great DIY experience.

Do you have the time to create your own event arrangements particularly for a wedding? Make sure you have a friend or family member who is willing and able to help with arranging and set up. Plan on picking your flowers up 1-2 days before your event and make sure to give yourself and your friends plenty of time to work with them, especially if you are new to flower arranging.

Do you have all of the tools and materials you need? All of these items can be found at your local craft store, but it's a good idea to get them ahead of time. Here are some of the tools and supplies you’ll need for arranging:
-Sharp clippers (a pair for everyone helping you)
-Clean vases (it's important that they are super clean because bacteria and dirt will clog flower stems and prevent them from taking up water)
-Floral food to mix with clean water in your vases to keep your flowers looking fantastic
-Any mechanics you’ll need for large or low containers (i.e. marbles, clear tape, chicken wire, pin frogs, floral foam)
-Floral tape, ribbon, and twine for DIY bouquets, and floral wire for DIY boutonnières, corsages, and floral crowns
-Trash and/or compost bins for your flower clippings

Enthusiasm & Creativity.
Are you excited to create your own flowers, or do you have a friend or family member who is? What is your skill and confidence level working with flowers? We recommend watching a few basic tutorials on YouTube and/or making a mock up. Remember, if you are excited about doing most of your flowers but there are a few elements that make you nervous, like your bouquet or boutonnieres, feel free to inquire about ordering those items À La Carte. Consider picking up stems from your local floral department or ordering a “Practice Bucket” from the farm first to get some experience.
When should I get my flowers?
For weddings and rehearsal dinners we require a 50% deposit for all orders over $300 to secure your date and we then reserve that week to cut and/or arrange for your special event. The remaining amount is due on delivery. If your event is canceled, the 50% is non-refundable. If your event is moved to a different date, we may be able to make adjustments at the discretion of the farm. If the order is less than $300, full payment is required.

Reservations can be made up to a year in advance and we can accommodate last minute reservations depending on flower availability.

For the DIY bride, the best way to keep your stress level low is to carve out half a day the day before the event to do your own arrangements. We suggest picking up your flowers two days before your event (or at least early in the morning one day before your event).

For all other events, you can reserve for an event a few days to a few weeks in advance. Please contact us and we will be in touch about next steps.
How will my flowers arrive?
We harvest and condition our flowers so that they are fresh when we deliver them. We put them in two gallon floral buckets with plenty of water to drink. For DIY flower arrangements, we suggest you buy floral food for your containers. We will provide tips to keep your flowers happy, but are not responsible for its freshness after drop off, that’s up to you!
Can you help me with my flower choices and any questions I have?
We spend most of our time in the field growing flowers, and we have limited time to correspond. The best way to contact us is filling out this form and then we will get back to you within 24-48 hours about your request. We try to give you as much information to make your DIY flower order work, but if you need more help then you can call us for consulting services over email, phone, or Zoom for $55/hour.
Can I pick up my flowers?
We only offer delivery. Delivery is charged per zip code:

Zone 1: $11
92127, 92128

Zone 2: $22
92014, 92064, 92067, 92126, 92129

Zone 3: $33
92025, 92026, 92029, 92069, 92075, 92078, 92091, 92111, 92121, 92122, 92123, 92124, 92130, 92131, 92145

Zone 4: $44
Outside of Zones 1-3, but still within San Diego County

If you are not sure about your delivery zone, please call us to get a quote at: (858) 412-0955

We want the details about your event! If you are working within a special color palette or are building your own arrangements or maybe want us to create something unique for your occasion, give us your thoughts here. Also, give us a heads up about the best time and method for reaching you to follow up.


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