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Chrysanthemums with its color and depth are a welcome sight in the fall. In many cultures, mums in different colors are valued for their symbolism and meaning. White is life, rebirth, truth. Pink is longevity, friendship, affection. Red is love, passion. Orange is excitement, happiness. Yellow is joy, celebration. Purple is thoughtfulness, care. A different mum color delivered weekly.

Offered for a LIMITED time only in October/November 2024 when mums bloom!

Size of bouquet: Medium to Large

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Future start dates: Will be announced via our email subscription, so sign up to get updates for when it is available!

Each subscription includes:

  • Choose 3 colors of your choice (white, pink, red, orange, yellow, or purple) and place in the order notes section
  • A total of 3 mum bouquets in a different color group delivered every Saturday for 3 weeks
  • A "gift for you" card to recipient delivered with the first bouquet
  • A Seven Stars Flowers & Farm subscription guide
  • A recyclable and reusable floral bucket for subsequent bouquets for water to be added
  • Options:
    • Wrapped for all bouquets
    • Mason Jar for 1st bouquet then wrapped thereafter: 1st bouquet arranged in a mason jar, subsequent 2nd and 3rd bouquets wrapped
    • Clear Glass Vase for first bouquet then wrapped thereafter: 1st bouquet arranged in a clear glass vase, subsequent 2nd and 3rd bouquets wrapped

Discounted 10% or more and 66% savings on delivery!

Please note any special messages to recipient in the checkout section. Provide recipient's email AND phone number for reminders of delivery date/time to leave their buckets out. Local delivery only.

Please read CSA Bouquet Subscription Terms & Conditions before purchase

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